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The small to medium business world is a minefield when it comes to surviving the first 5 years. We all know the stats on this so we won't focus on the negative. What's the difference between a startup that makes it and one that doesn't? Sometimes it's hard to tell on the surface, even if you dig a bit deeper it can be hard to pinpoint exactly due to the lack of metrics a startup usually implements. Some of the things we've found common in startups that are successful are:
  • Low cost marketing strategies to get the business out to the target audience.
  • A single person / owner driving the growth and maintaining control of the key decisions.
  • Re-investing early profits into business growth.
  • Keeping expenses low as the revenue increases.
  • Building a team of trusted staff for the long term.
  • A large focus on systems within the business and improving them on a regular basis.

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